1. Describe the outline of your attempt to instruct others. What task or tasks did you adopt? What tool or tools did you use?

I attempted to instruct others on how to make my version of marinara sauce––both live and one-on-one on Zoom and through a blog post on this website.

2. What worked? What worked in each task/tool pair, and was one version markedly superior to the other? How did they differ?

Here is some feedback I got from users of my blog post:

Here is some feedback that I received about my live, one-on-one Zoom sessions:

3. Look at one of the tool/task pairs of other students in the list of class projects: What strategies did that instructor use that are different from yours?

I looked through Sarah Liriano’s instructions for brigadeiros and compared it to my written instructions for my marinara. She chose to use pictures that illustrated each step of the process because there are moments that require a very specific understanding of what the consistency, look, and feel of the concoction should be. In this case, pictures are more efficient and memorable than a written description.

4. If you had to pick one of your two task/tool pairs to invest in, how would you improve it?

I would pick the WordPress blog to adjust. I would add a few more supplies (cutting board, measuring cup) and I would add a few small gifs to illustrate the difference between chopping and mincing as well as how to effectively crush the tomatoes. Something that happened in both the written and Zoom versions was that people shared their own opinions or approaches of how to do a certain part of the recipe. In my blog post, I would encourage people to share any adjustments they made in the comments below and curate a few choice selections within the body of the post itself.

October 6, 2020