• Thesis 2021

    Thesis 2021

    “I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage.” Peter Brook, The Empty Space Interactive media has been influencing the world of live performance for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced performers, who may have never before considered the internet as a site of theater-making, to adapt their work quickly to online […]

  • Skate DJ

    Concept: The movements of a skate dancer act as triggers for music effects. Multiple skaters can perform at once, improvising with each other and collectively remixing a song. How: Teachable Machine – webcam captures the live video of the dancers and PoseNet is used to track their body positions, which are then analyzed by an […]

  • Pose Training with Computer Vision

    Computer Vision Tools PoseNet pre-trained pose detection via webcam in the browser using mL5.js (a library built on top of TensorFlow.js) used to detect body data via “keypoints” and “skeleton” Coding Train Tutorial Kinect (Azure and v2) externally mounted all-in-one sensor with: rgb webcam for video infrared DepthKit for proximity sensing and volumetric capture skeleton […]

  • [Virtual Production] Max/MSP and OSC

    In a serendipitous turn of events, I am participating in a project outside of school with two performance artists where I will be creating a virtual performance space that blends two different live feeds using Max/MSP and then live streaming via OSC. While the application of the technology is very different from this class, it’s […]

  • [Live Web] Final Project Proposal

    Idea #1: Virtual Toy Theater Toy Theater was historically a medium in which those who might not otherwise be able to access the popular plays of the day were able to recreate their favorite stories and build their own imaginary worlds within the comfort of their own parlors. The parallels to our current media environment […]

  • [Virtual Production] Final Project Brainstorm

    Low Poly is the Best Poly I’m not interested in creating realistic worlds and characters. I appreciate the freedom that abstraction allows in story telling. Our brainstormed story is already pretty ridiculous so I would like to create a world that embraces that ridiculousness. Centering the POV of the Dog Since our protagonist is a […]

  • [Live Web] Midterm

    Introducing the Schadenfreude Chat! There are three rules that are advertised on the page through the buttons: Change Background: Keys the user’s image and adds a image file to the background. Drunko Vision: Slows down the frame rate and creates trail images with different hues whenever there is movement detected. Anime Eyes: Attaches a png […]

  • [Distributed Learning] Thinking About a Final

    For a final project, I am interested in conducting research that explores the space where non-verbal communication and remote learning meet. I would like to see what ways performers––dancers, actors, puppeteers, musicians––have found to teach and/or hold workshops remotely, what is successful or not, and what tools or resources they wish they had. To me, […]

  • [Body Everywhere] Final

    Reflections on the Mediated Body In our readings in this class, we have been exploring concepts of bodies and presence in virtual spaces. Our assignments have explicitly asked us to consider the feelings evoked by the different ways we have learned to represent and experience our bodies online. One of the readings’ relevance to our […]

  • [Live Web] Mid Term Proposal

    Interactive WebChat… with a surprise! IDEA: Make a peer-to-peer webchat app that invites the users to manipulate the video stream of their partner with button pushes. The buttons and their functions are advertised within the page, but unbeknownst to the users, there is secret code that will manipulate the video streams––and even the page itself––by […]