Distributed Learning

  • [Distributed Learning] Thinking About a Final

    For a final project, I am interested in conducting research that explores the space where non-verbal communication and remote learning meet. I would like to see what ways performers––dancers, actors, puppeteers, musicians––have found to teach and/or hold workshops remotely, what is successful or not, and what tools or resources they wish they had. To me, […]

  • [Distributed Learning] Reflections on Mary-nara

    1. Describe the outline of your attempt to instruct others. What task or tasks did you adopt? What tool or tools did you use? I attempted to instruct others on how to make my version of marinara sauce––both live and one-on-one on Zoom and through a blog post on this website. 2. What worked? What […]

  • [Distributed Learning] How to Make Mary-nara

    There are many ways of making marinara depending on taste, region, and family tradition. Even within my own family, there are disagreements on how to make a proper marinara. My mother is ashamed that I put crushed red pepper in mine while I consider adding carrots sacrilege. I’m going to walk you through how to […]

  • [Distributed Learning] Teaching Two Tasks, One Way

    UPDATE: I changed my plan to teach one taks––making marinara––using two methods: WordPress Blog and Zoom. TASK: make marinara METHODS: Google Docs, Zoom ALTERNATIVES: artifact vs. live video, injection vs. conversation TASK: Do the basic cafe-con-pan step of zapateado METHODS: Facebook Video Tutorials, Zoom ALTERNATIVE: recorded vs. live, Mexican (internal) vs. American (external) For my […]