Choreographic Interventions

  • [Choreographic Interventions] Creating a Mirror

    Assignment:¬†Create a mirror that distorts or re-architects the body to move in new and unexpected ways. Group: NiNi, Meicheng, Carley, Mary Tools: Microsoft Kinect v.2 Kinectron app for PC p5.js Concept: Using WEBGL in p5.js, we created 3D spheres that are mapped to different points of the body. The spheres change size depending on the […]

  • [Choreographic Interventions] Two Duets

    Duet #1: Linear GROUP: Esther, Effy, Mary, Sarah A live drawing using this sketch is projected onto the floor of the dance space. A dancer moves in opposition to the line. For this assignment, our group decided to choreograph a duet that resembled a narrative: two beings meet and at first are in opposition to […]