[Choreographic Interventions] Two Duets

Duet #1: Linear

GROUP: Esther, Effy, Mary, Sarah

A live drawing using this sketch is projected onto the floor of the dance space. A dancer moves in opposition to the line.

For this assignment, our group decided to choreograph a duet that resembled a narrative: two beings meet and at first are in opposition to each other, but over time they begin to work in harmony.

We treated the line like a character and attempted to give it something of a personality in its movements as well as in its interactions with the dancer (Esther).


Duet #2: Orbital

GROUP: Esther, Effy, Mary

A recorded drawing using this sketch (on loan from Lin Zhang from Dan Shiffman’s Nature of Code Spring 2018 class) is projected onto the floor of the dance space. A dancer mirrors the orbits of the “particles” in the sketch, shifting her center of gravity as the particles shift. While not in perfect unison, her localized gravitational field––as it manifests in her own body––parallels the forces that are simulated within the sketch. In effect, the pathways that the dancer and the sketch are following are dictated by unseen forces.

Choreographic Interventions: Duet 2