• ICM Final Project

    Somos Semillas We Are Seeds Quisieron enterrarnos pero se les olvidaron que somos semillas. They tried to bury us. They forgot we were seeds. Plant a seed. Sing to it. Talk to it. Yell at it. Whistle at it. Watch it grow.  Clap at it. Beatbox at it. It blossoms. Description My final project is […]

  • ICM Final Project Proposal

    Possible Titles ICM Profundo Somos Semillas Seeds of Song Computational Folk Resistencia Folklórica Computacional Concept A P5 sketch. When the user sings into the microphone, they make a seed grow. Ideal Execution Different levels of intonation (ie. hitting high and low notes) will make the seed grow in different ways so that each iteration will […]

  • Week #7 Homework: What a JSON

    With all due respect to the queen, Sister Nancy…I just couldn’t help myself:   A me seh one thing Mary cyan’ understan One thing Mary cyan understan Wha’ mek dem talk ’bout data visualization Seh, wha’ mek dem talk ’bout data visualization ‘Ca me seh some a dem a ax me whey me get it […]

  • Week #6 Homework – Pure DOMagination

      Come with me and you’ll be In a world of pure DOMagination! Take a look and you’ll see Into my exasperation. We’ll begin with a spin Examine a sketch of my creation What you’ll see will defy Computation! My sketch this week was an attempt to share with the class my experience of being […]

  • Week #5 Homework: Classes and Arrays

    The Dodgeball Game from my second week here has taken hold of me and will not let me go. I had always suspected that there was an easier way to do what I was trying to do when building the game, even after last week: Each week a I learn a new p5 skill that allows […]

  • ICM Homework Week #3 – Collab with Mike Blum

    Respect the Process… This week we were not just presented with a challenge to create a sketch within new and more complicated specifications, we got our first chance to create code collaboratively. It was an interesting challenge. I am finding more and more that coding is as intuitive as other crafts I’ve learned. Yes, there […]

  • Pacman and Other Silly Things I Made With p5.js

    I am noticing that so far the things I am most interested in making have elements of silliness and play to them. I think it corresponds with my interest and delight in puppetry. In my mind,  inanimate objects + characterization = hilarity. Right now I’m finding it easier to replicate known assets but I would […]

  • ICM Homework Week #2

    I decided I wanted to make a simple, continuous movement-type game for this week’s assignment. Enter Dodgeball: The p5.js Game! Last week in class, we learned how to make an object move across the screen with variables. However, we hadn’t yet gone over how to make objects repeat on the screen once they reach the […]

  • Computation and Me

    HOW DOES COMPUTATION RELATE TO YOUR INTERESTS? My first reaction to this question is “I have no idea. That’s why I’m at ITP!” But that’s not entirely true. I know that computation affects almost every aspect of my life and I also know that I do not like not understanding what is going on. I […]

  • ICM Homework Week #1

    Dear lord what was I thinking… I have a habit of making things way harder than they have to be and this assignment was no exception. Let me start by saying that I am very proud of my skills of intuition. Drawing, acting, dancing––these sorts of embodied actions have always come naturally to me. This […]