Interactive Music

  • Skate DJ

    Concept: The movements of a skate dancer act as triggers for music effects. Multiple skaters can perform at once, improvising with each other and collectively remixing a song. How: Teachable Machine – webcam captures the live video of the dancers and PoseNet is used to track their body positions, which are then analyzed by an […]

  • Pose Training with Computer Vision

    Computer Vision Tools PoseNet pre-trained pose detection via webcam in the browser using mL5.js (a library built on top of TensorFlow.js) used to detect body data via “keypoints” and “skeleton” Coding Train Tutorial Kinect (Azure and v2) externally mounted all-in-one sensor with: rgb webcam for video infrared DepthKit for proximity sensing and volumetric capture skeleton […]

  • [Interactive Music] Final Project

    [Interactive Music] Final Project

    35 Years of Mass Shootings in the U.S. Source Code: Fullscreen: Data sources: Follman, Mark; Aronsen, Gavin; Pan, Deanna (Updated 2018, March 10). US Mass Shootings, 1982-2018: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation. Follman, Mark; Aronsen, Gavin; Pan, Deanna (Updated 2018, March 10). A Guide to Mass Shootings in America. Libraries & APIs […]

  • [Interactive Music] Week #3 – Realize Your Score (WIP)

    See this week’s assignment here. See the first draft of my score from last week here. See the p5.js sketch that I started the process of realizing a version of that score here.

  • [Interactive Music] Week #2 – Score

    See here for this week’s assignment.  Guiding concept: To orchestrate the electricity generated by paying complete attention to another person and creating something from nothing.  A Note to Musicians: This requires at least two people and ideally no more than 12. Position yourself so that you are able to look everyone with whom you are […]

  • [Interactive Music] Week #1 – My Manifesto

    See this week’s assignment here.  Play is the overarching concern of my life and artistic practice. I take Play very seriously––so much so in fact that I feel the need to capitalize it. Play refers to the action as well as the feeling: the action of Playing and the feeling of Playfulness. While there are […]