[Interactive Music] Week #2 – Score

See here for this week’s assignment. 

Guiding concept: To orchestrate the electricity generated by paying complete attention to another person and creating something from nothing. 

A Note to Musicians: This requires at least two people and ideally no more than 12.

Position yourself so that you are able to look everyone with whom you are playing in the eye. You have to be able to read their intentions and reactions.

Pick one instrument. This can be anything available to you in the moment that won’t hurt you or anyone else in the course of playing it. You may choose to play yourself.

Love your instrument.

Remember that time.

Remember that place.

Remember that person.

Keep whenever, wherever, whatever, and whoever just came to mind close to your heart.

Make eye contact with every other musician, one at a time.

Breathe together.


Here is an example of at least three, but probably more like four or five people playing. Take it and run with it:


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