[Distributed Learning] Teaching Two Tasks, One Way

UPDATE: I changed my plan to teach one taks––making marinara––using two methods: WordPress Blog and Zoom.

TASK: make marinara
METHODS: Google Docs, Zoom
ALTERNATIVES: artifact vs. live video, injection vs. conversation

TASK: Do the basic cafe-con-pan step of zapateado
METHODS: Facebook Video Tutorials, Zoom
ALTERNATIVE: recorded vs. live, Mexican (internal) vs. American (external)

For my assignment, I have decided to teach two tasks using the same method: 1) how to make marinara, and 2) how to do the cafe-con-pan step of zapateado on Zoom.

I chose to do two tasks over one medium because I want to get more confident in teaching things in real time over video app. Since Zoom is ubiquitous app of our times, Zoom it shall be.

I chose these two tasks because they are things I know how to do without looking anything up. I’m no expert in either task: in fact, I learned them both within the past 5 years. But they are things that bring me great joy and I wanted to share that joy as best as possible.

QUESTION: Can I use email or Google Docs as a supplemental method for both? I want to send an ingredients list for the marinara and I want to send an introduction to zapateado as well. Both tasks are grounded in a specific tradition: one that I claim as my own and one that is something I am outsider to.