[Live Web] Mid Term Proposal

Interactive WebChat… with a surprise!

IDEA: Make a peer-to-peer webchat app that invites the users to manipulate the video stream of their partner with button pushes. The buttons and their functions are advertised within the page, but unbeknownst to the users, there is secret code that will manipulate the video streams––and even the page itself––by tracking their Posenet skeletons.


  • ChromaKey the other user and add an image
  • Make their image trail as they move in a psychedelic effect


  • Change the placement of the videos on the page
  • Change the background of the page
  • Draw an animated GIF and play a song (ala dancing banana)
  • you have to move to keep the webcam on
  • how to make exits graceful — fade outs?
  • if you don’t smile, the webcam fades to black


  • Should I just make the whole body of the page a canvas? Which interactions?
  • Make socket events for things that effect everybody.
  • Don’t stream the whole canvas. Just use canvas for manipulating video.