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  • [Virtual Production] Max/MSP and OSC

    In a serendipitous turn of events, I am participating in a project outside of school with two performance artists where I will be creating a virtual performance space that blends two different live feeds using Max/MSP and then live streaming via OSC. While the application of the technology is very different from this class, it’s […]

  • [Live Web] Mid Term Proposal

    Interactive WebChat… with a surprise! IDEA: Make a peer-to-peer webchat app that invites the users to manipulate the video stream of their partner with button pushes. The buttons and their functions are advertised within the page, but unbeknownst to the users, there is secret code that will manipulate the video streams––and even the page itself––by […]

  • Week #4 Homework: Kind of a fail.

    This week I got the chance to go back and refine my previous project, the Dodgeball game, using functions, objects, and arrays to simplify what was admittedly bonkers code. I struggled mightily with recreating my vision for the game with the assignment. In preparation for the assignment, I familiarized myself with arrays, objects, translate, and […]