[Virtual Production] Character Animation

Despite there being files on the shared VR Station 1 on the ITP Floor from 2019, the world I had built for last week’s assignment has disappeared. Pour one out for my grasslands tutorial world.

For this week’s assignment, I just put my character in a random level I was previously using to just get the hang of Unreal. But we’ll get to that soon enough…

While I find MakeHuman to be mysogynist and racist–or at the least the vast majority of its active user-base, which is a conversation for later–I ended up using it to create several versions of myself as it seemed to post the lowest barrier of entry for this inexperienced 3D designer.

I’m embarrassed to say that I made a concerted effort to recreate my own featured as much as possible by using reference photos. It looks absolutely nothing like me.

I downloaded some clothes that looked the least porn-y I could find from the community assets and had myself a little make-over montage.

Felt strongly that I should also represent my body type as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, not all assets are equipment to handle my… assets.

I was exported all versions of myself as .fbx files after rigging them with the cmu skeleton in MakeHuman (rather than rigging them in Mixamo).

Uploading the various characters to Mixamo without the textures yielded some pretty hilarious results.

As well as some slightly horrifying results.

what happened to my legs??

Eventually, I was able to set my avatar free to dance her little heart out in my bizarro Unreal world.