Virtual Production

  • [Virtual Production] Final Project Brainstorm

    Low Poly is the Best Poly I’m not interested in creating realistic worlds and characters. I appreciate the freedom that abstraction allows in story telling. Our brainstormed story is already pretty ridiculous so I would like to create a world that embraces that ridiculousness. Centering the POV of the Dog Since our protagonist is a […]

  • [Virtual Production] Building A Level From Scratch

    Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to create a level based on the idea my group came up with during our brainstorm: In Unreal, I created a new level using the Vehicle Template rather than the Third Person Template, based on the main action of my scene description. I had in my […]

  • [Virtual Production] Skeletal Meshes, Materials, Textures, and Blueprints

    Continued from this post. I finally figured out how to use Blueprints. It had been bothering me to no end that the characters I created in MakeHuman did not seem to display all their textures when imported into UE4. Specifically, my eyes were all black and my eyelashes were unnatural–though stylish–black chunks. After poking around […]

  • [Virtual Production] Character Animation

    Despite there being files on the shared VR Station 1 on the ITP Floor from 2019, the world I had built for last week’s assignment has disappeared. Pour one out for my grasslands tutorial world. For this week’s assignment, I just put my character in a random level I was previously using to just get […]

  • [Virtual Production] My First Level in Unreal

    Constructed using this tutorial: Your First Hour with Unreal Grabbed meshes and materials from “Infinity Blade: Grass Lands,” a free content pack from Epic.