[Virtual Production] Max/MSP and OSC

In a serendipitous turn of events, I am participating in a project outside of school with two performance artists where I will be creating a virtual performance space that blends two different live feeds using Max/MSP and then live streaming via OSC. While the application of the technology is very different from this class, it’s very gratifying to already be using these tools in the real world.

What I Did This Week

Intro to Vizzie – a great introduction to VJing in Max/MSP

Instructables on Max/MSP

Idea for Interaction

I want to create a sound reactive sun that rises as you sing higher and higher notes.

Alternatively––and this may be easier––I’d like to recreate this scene from The Simpsons:

Specifically, I’d set up a patch that would control the height of the sun as well as fade between the sounds of sunrise and sunset. I’d love to find a way to detect the user’s proximity (maybe Arduino?) so that they could be the Homer in this situation.


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